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Head Coach Waynne Bjurstom


I'm Waynne Bjurstrom, Head Coach. I am new to trap shooting, but have always wanted to be a part of it. When I had spoken with the School Board President about getting a high school team going for Prairie Farm, she informed me they had approved it, the school just needed a place to shoot and a coach. Well, I spoke with the Richardson Sportsmen's Club about taking on another team. They agreed, and when I told the school, they asked if I was volunteering to coach, so here I am. I am a big advocate to get today's youth shooting and safely handling firearms. I am also a certified Hunter Safety Instructor. Firearms are getting such a bad rep, that it is important to educate the adults of tomorrow to not be afraid of firearms, but use them with respect and care. I have always been about the kids and will continue to do so. We are building the trap club around that philosophy. I hope the kids are having as much fun as I am.

Asst. Coach Spencer Wirth


Why I decided to coach trap & what I like about it I decided to coach trap shooting because it’s the main sport I had my eyes set on all year in middle school and high school, and I wanted to share what I learned with others. Along with wanting to expose more people to the sport. It’s a sport that can teach you how to lead a running rabbit to a flying goose, I like how within the sport it teaches you how to safely and respectfully use a firearm, make new friends from around the area or state or even out of state. I love how the people you shoot with always push you to become a better shot and become closer as a group to become more of a family

Asst. Coach Austin Ziemann


Asst. Coach Greg Siemsen


I’m Gregg Siemsen. I was introduced to a school trap club when my son joined as a 7th grader. He shot for that club for 6 years and he and our family had a lot of fun watching, shooting with him, and hanging out at the range. A few years later our youngest daughter started shooting as well. She has since changed school districts to Prairie Farm where they did not currently have a trap team. When I heard that a trap team was forming I volunteered as coach to help out however I could. The trap club really involves a wide variety of shooters that you may not see on a traditional athletic field or court at the school and this gives them a place to hone their talents while being a part of the team. I truly appreciate this, and the fact that this skill and safety can be used well beyond high school.

Asst. Coach Bill Briggs

Asst. Coach Wyatt Brihn